The Cluster Development Programme (CDP) is to contribute to the overall performance and collective efficiency of the small and medium enterprise clusters for sustainable development by assisting selected local communities of firms and associated institutions in the clusters.

This entails the implementation of cluster support initiative in selected pilot clusters as well as assistance to central and local institutions in their programmes of cluster modernisation and restructuring.

Micro and Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme has been launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The Karnataka Council for Technology Up gradation [KCTU] will be a monitoring agency on behalf of the State Government. The details of the scheme can be obtained from the below link.

Micro and Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme.
MSME Clusters in Karnataka
Sl.No District Cluster Place Cluster Activity
1 Bengaluru Bengaluru Machine Tools
2 Bengaluru Bengaluru Power loom
3 Bengaluru Bengaluru Electronic Goods
4 Bengaluru Bengaluru Readymade Garments
5 Bengaluru Bengaluru Light Engineering
6 Bengaluru Bengaluru Leather Products
7 Belgaum Belgaum Foundry
8 Belgaum Belgaum Power loom
9 Bellary Bellary Jeans Garments
10 Bijapur Bijapur Oil Mills
11 Bijapur Bijapur Grape Processing
12 Dakshina Kannada Mangalore Food Products
13 Davangere Davangere Puffed Rice
14 Darwad Hubli, Dharwad Agriculture Implements and Tractor Trailer
15 Darwad Darwad Industrial Valves
16 Gadag Gadag Betgeri Power loom
17 Gulburga Gulburga Gadag belt Dal Mills
18 Hassan Arasikere Coir & Coir Products
19 Koppal Gangavathi Rice Mills
20 Mandya Mandya Jagggery
21 Mysore Mysore Food Products
22 Mysore Mysore Silk
23 Raichur Raichur Leather Products
24 Shimoga Shimoga Foundry
25 Shimoga Shikaripura Rice Mills
26 Shimoga Shimoga Rice Mills
Artisan Clusters in Karnataka
Sl No District Cluster Place Cluster Activity
1 Bagalkote Ilkal Textiles Handlooms
2 Bengaluru Bengaluru Metal Images Classical
3 Bengaluru Rural Magadi Textiles Handlooms
4 Bengaluru Rural Doddaballapura Textiles Handlooms
5 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Agarabathi
6 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Grass, Leaf, Reed & Fibre
7 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Jewellery
8 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Metalware
9 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Rugs & Duries
10 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Wood Carving
11 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Shopping bag/ fancy Items
12 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Toyes and decoration pieces
13 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Brass and Copper Art ware
14 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Dolls from pulp
15 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Earthier ware/pottery
16 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Embroidery by hand
17 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Printing of cloth by hand
18 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Printing of cloth by hand
19 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Toyes and decoration pieces
20 Bengaluru Urban Bengaluru Urban Wood Furniture & Fixtures
21 Bengaluru Urban Anekal Textiles Handlooms
22 Belgaum Belgaum Dolls & Toys
23 Belgaum Belgaum Horn & Bone
24 Belgaum Belgaum Metalware
25 Belgaum Belgaum Artistic Chap pals by hand
26 Belgaum Gokak Dolls & Toys
27 Belgaum Khanapur Pottery & Clay
28 Belgaum Khanapur Terracotta
29 Belgaum Khanapur Textiles Hand Embroidered
30 Bidar Bidar Cane and Bamboo
31 Bidar Bidar Bidiwork
32 Bijapur Bijapur Gold/Silver gift Items
33 Bijapur Bijapur Textiles Handlooms
34 Chamarajnagar Kollegal Textiles Handlooms
35 Chitradurga Chitradurga Textiles Handlooms
36 Chitradurga Malladihalli Textiles Hand Printed
37 Chitradurga Molakalmur Textiles Hand Printed
38 Dakshina Kannada Bantvala Metalware
39 Dakshina Kannada Mangalore Jewellery
40 Dakshina Kannada Mangalore Metalware
41 Dharwad Dharwad Textiles Hand Embroidered
42 Dharwad Dharwad Textiles Handlooms
43 Dharwad Navalgund Rugs & Duries
44 Gadag Gadag Metalware
45 Gulburga Shahpur Textiles Handlooms
46 Hassan Sharvanabelagola Metalware
47 Hassan Sharvanabelagola Toys and Decorative pieces
48 Kodagu Mercara Textiles Hand Embroidered
49 Kodagu Mercara Cane & Bamboo
50 Kolar Kolar Bleach/Dye/Print Silk Jen
51 Kolar Shivarpatna Stone Carving
52 Mandya Melkote Handlooms
53 Mandya Nagamangala Metal Images Classical
54 Mandya Nagamangala Metalware
55 Mysore Mysore Agarabatti
56 Mysore Mysore Earthier Ware/Pottery
57 Mysore Mysore Grass/Soraw Floor concerning
58 Mysore Mysore Jewellery
59 Mysore Mysore Metal Ware
60 Mysore Mysore Shopping bag/fancy Items
61 Mysore Mysore Toyes and decoration pieces
62 Mysore Mysore Wood Carving
63 Mysore Mysore Wood Inlay
64 Ramanagara Ramanagara Stone Carving
65 Ramanagara Ramanagara Terracotta
66 Ramanagara Ramanagara Pottery & Clay
67 Ramanagara Channapatna Wood Carving
68 Ramanagara Channapatna Lackerwere
69 Ramanagara Channapatna Toys
70 Shimoga Agumbe Cane & Bamboo
71 Shimoga Bhadravati Wood Turning & Laquerware
72 Shimoga Sagar Wood Carving
73 Shimoga Shimoga Wood Carving
74 Shimoga Shimoga Shopping bag/ fancy Items
75 Shimoga Shimoga Toys and decoration pieces
76 Shimoga Sorab Wood Carving
77 Udupi Karkala Metal Images Classical
78 Udupi Udupi Metalware
79 Uttara Kannada Honnawar Wood Carving
80 Uttara Kannada Siddapur Wood Carving
81 Uttara Kannada Sirsi Wood Carving
82 Uttara Kannada Kumta Wood Carving
83 Uttara Kannada Karwara Jewellary
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